Monday, July 16, 2012

Samurai Color Sketch

I roughed in colors to get an idea the direction I am going in. The next step is to apply the colors more cleanly and confidently.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Samurai Inked Drawing

Finally finished inking the Samurai drawing. It is 11" x 51"

Poster Design Contest

I recently entered a poster design contest (or was forced to enter it) for a chance to win tickets to the Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks concert. The contest was run by the Plain Dealer. I got 2nd place and won 2 tickets (a $300 value) and my mother (whom, I entered the contest for) will get to meet one of the singers.

Anyways, here is my entry for the poster design contest. I am hoping the Plain Dealer publishes them in their paper. Will post if they do.

This was my first time trying to combine scanned texture into a digital piece. I like the result and will continue to do so in future work. The faces are marker drawings (which I allowed filled with a watercolor texture in PS). The blue background and paint splatters are watercolors, and the brown/yellow texture is paper that I stained with a tea bag.