Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cover Tight Sketch

The tight sketch for the cover. Next step is to transfer the drawing onto bristol and outline everything with various microns, scan it, color it and the book is done. Was hoping to get it done this week, but I have to get a lot of things ready for going out of town. Ugh, well I have to be up in 4 hours for my temporary job.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cover Sketch

Here is a sketch of the cover to my book "The Beast of GĂ©vaudan: An Illustrated History." The sketch is a little chaotic. Usually I would make it more clear if I was working with someone. Since I am only one who needs to be able to read this sketch, I will leave it how it is (plus its 3 in the morning, which is a good time for ideas but not neatness). Anyways, I quickly roughed in some colors. The cover will wrap around, but the back side is pretty plain to leave room for text. The title is just a place holder for now. I will play with some more options later, I just wanted to get an idea for size and color. Anyways, I will move onto the tight sketch from here. Almost done!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Color Flats

Another illustration from my book on the Beast of Gevaudan. I follow the same process for most of my illustrations. After all of the preliminary work, I do a tight sketch with a pencil, transfer it to a sheet of bristol, and ink my work. After that, I scan it into photoshop and begin to color my inked illustration. The first step in coloring is laying down all of the flat colors (pictured above) with no shading (shading is done on a separate layer). This allows me to individually adjust each color with only a couple of clicks. I will finish shading tomorrow. Nearing the end of the book.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beast of Gevaudan Book Update

I have been busy filling out applications and doing some freelance jobs. I finished up one of my own illustrations for my book. I am shooting for it to be all ready and completed by the fall. I should have everything illustrated by the end of June, but I assume it will take a couple of tries to get the colors right in the printing. The dark blues and purples are very difficult to get to print correctly. Anyways, this is a victim being stalked by La Bete. What will be her fate? Find out by buying my book in the fall. I think this one has a very fairy tale feel to it. The overall look of the book is very deranged. It is super colorful, like a tie dye horror story. I just hope the print of the book is able to capture all of the colors. I am planning on using createspace. The site says I can create a custom size book. I was originally going to use lulu to print the book at 9 x 7" landscape, but for whatever reason, if you print that size on their site you cannot get an isbn. This is why I decided to switch over to createspace (it doesn't hurt that they are a branch of Amazon, where I plan to sell the book). I have another half page illustration to ink and color, and then I just need to create the cover (which seems very intimidating) and format everything for printing and the book will be good to go.