Saturday, February 19, 2011

Monsters of Gevaudan: The Making of a Beast

I fully intend on keeping this blog updated once I get done with Grad school (who would've thought they would make you work in grad school? jk). Grad school is going fine so far, I am teaching little kids right now which has been a different and sometimes frustrating experience because prior to which I have never had any experience working with little kids, so they were like a aliens to me. I am starting to figure out how to speak their language, but I am looking forward to teaching middle school in the next half of my student teaching.

So, on the topic of student teaching, I did pretty awesome on my Art Content Praxis so I am actually buying something for myself. I have just ordered a new English language book Monsters of Gevaudan: The Making of a Beast by Jay M. Smith. Based on the description this book focuses on the cultural aspect that created the beast. It should be an interesting read, and as soon as I get it and have time to read it, I will be posting a review. I hope the book does well and raises awareness of this French legend because it wouldn't hurt the chances of me selling a few copies of my book on the same subject. I only have to finish illustrating 2 pages for my book and the cover and it will be done. I am still planning on publishing on lulu. My hopes are that the book will be ready to purchase by August 2011 (once I get done with Grad school and have time to sit down on work on it). Then I need to figure out what to do my next book on. The USS Indianapolis? The Ghost and the Darkness? The Mothman? An illustrated version of Paradise Lost (Gustave Dore is my favorite artist)? These are all ideas I would like to turn into books.