Monday, September 27, 2010

What I did this Summer

I finally got around to photographing most of my stuff from my summer Raku class. I really like how these photos came out and it kinda looks like I knew what I was doing when I photographed them. I just put them on some white cloth and photographed them outside with my point and shoot. I did some adjustments in photoshop to beef up the contrast.
This is a life mask of myself. With the help of me classmates, I made a plaster mold of my face and pugged some clay in there and bam, instant face. Actually I had to go in the define all of the features like the eyebrows, nose, lips, eyes, hair. I think it looks like the statues of old roman emperors.
This is a transformation mask. I made another cast of my face and then manipulated it into this bad boy. I did a tiger because I was feeling sentimental about having just graduated RIT. I did some research and found a Japanese folktale about the Bakeneko, or a ghost cat. Basically these are shape-shifting cats that kill you and pretend to be you afterwards. I thought this legend fit perfectly with the idea of the project of transformation.

These are different view a drum I made. It is based on the design of the senufo tribes of the Ivory Coast in Africa. I was searching for a culture that made intricate, carved drums and I really liked theirs. The Senufo tribe carves their drums out of wood, but I used clay. This sounds great too as there is a goatskin cover. I used watercolor to add color and then rubbed away at it to make it look distressed and old. I never thought of using watercolor on ceramic, or anything other than glaze, before this class.