Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm not dead

Ok, I ran out of time before I had to turn in my projects and didn't photograph them. Some of them are going into a show at the end of the month so, I can get some photos there as well as photos of the rest of the show.

I also got another cat (9 total: 9 is a good number for cats). His name is Milosh, the midnight meat-train because he showed up on our window still every night at midnight. We caught him in a cage and let him loose in my room and he flipped out. Now he is happily adjusted to indoor life and camps out behind our printer.

I just finished another page of the book and I am on the home stretch. I might do the end pages next because they are easy and relaxing.

This sample is from the page about Jacques Portefaix, who was a young boy who was successful at fighting of La Bete. I have realized there are a lot of pages of the book floating around because I have posted them in various places. So I doing some cropping to "preview the image" and maybe to raise interest in seeing the final result aka getting people to buy the book. It is getting exciting to see it coming together.

I need to photograph my custom toys I have been working on as a hobby. I have tried customizing in the past, but haven;t had much luck. The new figures I have been working on though look cool imo. I am happy at where they are going and now I need to buy more bodies. Maybe I will show off my awesome Bat-collection too.