Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finished with Stinky Beast

So I finally finished the next page of my book. I am still hoping to get it done by the end of summer. Maybe a halloween release? It is kind of scary. I really do not know what age group I am aiming at. I know as a child, I would love this book because I worshiped monsters and crypto-zoology. I am trying to keep the writing light, entertaining and informative. I am actually proof-reading and having others proof read it (not like this blog) so it should make sense. People automatically assume that because it has pictures in it, it is a children's book. The story is violent, because the reality of it was violent. There is no way to ignore that and respectfully tell this story. But by today's standards it is pretty tame. I don't know, I grew up watching Alien, Predator, Terminator, and other R rated movies and I am not a complete psychopath.

I also finished my drum and it sounds good. Everything else from my class is coming together and I will photograph them and post them by Sunday.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Book Inks

In more related news, I am adding color to the inks now. I have been doing a lot for my summer class, which should be finished within the week. I will post what I did after everything is complete there. It includes a life mask, transformation mask, pinch pot, coil pot, a drum, and some more. I almost have the colors completely flatted out and then I will add some shading and be done. Still shooting to get this done by the end of summer, just need to finish school work first. Today I have been working on my drum.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beast of Gevaudan Book

I have been working on a book based on the Beast of Gevaudan for awhile now and I am hoping to complete it before grad school starts and I lose time. My love of the movie "Jaws" has led to a love of man-eating animals. Jaws is based on the true story of the jersey Man-Eater, which killed 5 people and a dog and got everyone up in arms and hating sharks. Five people sounds like a lot, but there was also La Bete du Gevaudan which killed between 60-100 people from 1764-1767. This was the inpiration for my favorite film of all time "Brotherhood of the Wolf" which you should all go see. On my main page, there are some pages from the book in my online portfolio. The whole events are shrouded in a supernatural mystery and I have tried to reflect that in my illustrations. I have ben looking at a lot of old horror comics for color inspiration and I think the book will be very unique in the end, and will be only the third book in English about her and the first illustrated, full color illustrated book that I know of. Well, there is a french comic on the subject, which I have been unable to purchase because it has not been released in North America.

Anyways, the next page I am working on is when The badly embalmed body of the creature is presented to the king. But it smells so bad, that he orders it buried and we lose all physical evidence as to what the creature actually was. All that remained was newspaper articles, death notices, hunting receipts, and etchings of the creature. One of my favorite things in Art History was one artists referenced older art in their work. A painting may have the same pose as a greek statue, or there might be a symbol on the table which referenced an old story, or being able to tell a who the saint is by the outfit they are wearing or the item they are holding. Nowadays, you can see it all the time in movies, (just watch the opening sequences of Jaws and Brotherhood of the wolf).

So for my next page I was looking at this picture of the presentation of the body to the king:

I am not sure that this drawing is historically accurate. I know it is old and from the same period, but I know that it is a more popular image of the beast. The scene here is a different hunter and a different carcass which was killed two years prior to the one depicted in my illustration. I wanted to make the connection between my page and this drawing to give it some connection with the historical depictions of the beast. So over the past 5 years, I have gathered a lot of images of the beast and I am pulling in certain poses, costumes, backgrounds, as well as adding my own personal interpretation to make it clear. Most people would not notice this, but I know their is a online community just as, if not, more devoted to this legend that would be able to see these connections and appreciate that part. So, there is something in every page for everyone to enjoy.

So here is my rough pencil sketch so far.

I am thinking about adding some more people/heads in the background or just keeping a silhouetted BG like I have roughed in so far. Next step would be to ink it and then color it (I work in a comicbook fashion i.e pencil/ink/color). I hope you can see the connections I am trying to make with the historical image.

Sorry for the delay

SO far I am doing pretty terrible with the whole blog thing, but I have been super busy with school and a freelance job. I am sworn to secrecy with the job I just finished, but it involved more cartooning than I am used to. It was a pretty hefty amount of work so that is what I have been drawing. On top of that, I spent the last two weeks in a Raku Ceramics glass as part of my Art Education courses. The class has been a lot of fun, and I will post what I have done so far as soon as I finish them up. I am the youngest person in my class, which is weird because I have been the oldest for most of my life, but also good because my classmates have experience in working as an artist. I am just going from being a student to being a student, so I hope I can learn from their experiences. Also, I have been trying to find a part time summer job and have had a couple of interviews, but as soon as they find out I will be in Grad school in the fall they all tell me to not even bother. My grad program is two years shoved into one, so I will be doing 18 credits in the fall semester (which should be a nice break from quarters!) but I will be super busy with little or no time to actually have a job, but the education is more important.

Also, my studio/bedroom/office has been filled with two kittehs that we have recently adopted. They are pretty much quarantined in my room until they get bigger and we do not have to worry about out bigger cats eaten them or them crawling into places and getting lost. So I have been raising them. They are brother and sister. The boy is darker and named D'lo and the girl is lighter and named Lilo. That brings the total up to 8 cats. They are great for stress relief.